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Where in the Ancient world is: GOZO?

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

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How many people out of 1000 have ever heard of Gozo.. ok, how bout out of 10,000?
It's just a tiny little island off the Coast of (and belonging to) Malta --> between Sicily & Africa...

The Ferry from Gozo takes 20 minutes and passes Camino, an even smaller island of the rich and famous.

Realizing you're actually here, lovely people are living and breathing and going to church, and they shop and eat and exist here.. How many people out of 1000 have ever heard of Gozo.. out of 10,000? It's just a tiny little island off the Coast of (and belonging to) Malta, where a ferry (past the even smaller island of Camino) brings you to where 40,000 people live an incredibly modern life on a piece of rock the size of Philadelphia.

It houses Ggantija- the world's 2nd oldest standing religious building, a Neolithic era temple built 5600 years ago… that's 3600 years older than the Roman Coliseum, and 1000 years older than the pyramids or the Dolmen of Ireland.. *Geology note - The Neolithic ruins from 3600 BC are buildings over 1000 years older than in Northern England! They make Stonehenge seem more like Stone Harbor, New Jersey:)

Ggantija - 3500 BC

As we scooter bike across Gozo, Medieval fortresses rise up from the desert, looming forebodingly on mountaintops, protecting unseen enemies.. The coastline is magnificent and the countryside is tranquil … slightly more greenery here on this island then and Malta because slightly more freshwater…

On the western edge of the island is one of the Mediterranean's most significant natural features called the Azure Window (the title photo up top). This magnificent bridge of natural rock has been a sightseeing gem to sailors for all of recorded history. Standing for tens of thousands of years, it crumbled in to the sea during a massive storm in March of 2017… An amazing time in history - one night it was there, the next morning it was gone!

Azure Window has crumbled but the tunnel and the cafe are still standing!

Sunset in Dwejra sipping a glass of Averna liqueur and Kinnie bitter soda with the locals capped the end of a great day... then a race across the island on my scooter to make the last ferry back to Malta!

..stay tuned for more of the coolest places on Earth!


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