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Beaches & Ancient Knights of MALTA

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

...Travelin to the Coolest Places on Earth

I've always dreamed of seeing the islands in the Mediterranean…
...the Mediterranean warm waters house some of the most wonderful and relaxed international destinations in the world…
Greek Isles, Crete, Cyprus, Ibiza, Sicily, Corsica -none are more welcoming & historic than Malta…
Imagine Italy as an island surrounded by water..Spice in some Arabic & that's Malta!

It just seems so exotic… With Europe to the north, Africa to the south, and the Middle East to the east, the Mediterranean is the spot.

The inhabitants of this island and the ruins that are still left date back 6000 years ago to the Neolithic era, & there are temples that are actually still preserved you can visit today… That is mind blowing - and tell me this- why doesn't anyone talk about them? Seriously, there are temples 1000 years older than both the pyramids and Stonehenge here on Malta… How did they survive?

The culture and architecture are Italian; the language is called Maltese & is a 50-50 mix of Italian and Arabic… It is wild to listen to… Plus everyone here speaks English and Italian.. The streets are clean, the beaches are breathtaking, the water is warm, the economy is booming, and the views are spectacular… ...everyone in their lifetime simply needs to come to the Mediterranean once… pick any island… then relax with a glass of Maltese Syrah and plate of sun-dried tomato hummus with grapes and watch the sun set.. it is true paradise..

View of capital city Valletta

The food is fresh, also distinctly Italian - prominently fish, shellfish, and lamb; roasted peppers, eggplant, carrots, cucumbers, stuffed olives, olive tapenade, olive oil! Local Cisk or 1565 beer, Maltese Chardonnay and red blends are reasonably priced...

History has sailed all around this island, and landed on it more than a few times… Xerxes' Persians, Dragut's Turks, Valletta's Sicilians, Napoleon's French, & the most recently Churchill's Brits in WWII. And of course the famous Knights of Malta settled here in the 1500s as protectors of the church and Hospitalers of the infirm..

Travel is easiest (and on the other side of the road) by scooter

The Knights of Malta's mission still continues today across the globe caring for the sick. With just 400,000 (incredibly devout catholic) inhabitants in 361 Square miles, Malta is the 11th smallest country in the world, 1000 times smaller than Italy! Andiamo

..stay tuned for more of the coolest places on Earth!


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