Pillars #4#5 (of 6) for Building a WORLD CLASS Channel

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

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Fellow Techies,

Not fair (in this economy) to keep great industry minds a secret...

Here’s my latest take with the CHANNEL community on a crucial topic.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid Spain

4. Central repository of everything—a PARTNER PORTAL

A. All info, Install-base customer list, References, Alliances, Case Studies, Directories, Configs for ordering, Certs, Registration & Tracking… you get the idea — everything in one spot. It’s like the 70’s Ragu commercial - no matter what you want, “It’s in there”!

B. Portal needs to be robust & welcoming. Remember if you intend to play with the big boys, your partner site should reflect the product’s awesome scope.

5. Create SERVICES opps for the VAR; Certifications; Cross-vendor tech-alliances.

A. Services are extreme high-margin, & savvy VARs want to offer them to gain stickiness into the customer’s workloads, so enable them to augment your product (because your competitor definitely will).

B. Now is the point in the product lifecycle to build certs into your partner portal. Offer the expertise for those who want it, so they can independently deliver! Sales certs are nice; Engineer certs are Crucial!

C. Having trouble with enough content to build billable PS for your channel to sell? Consider adding in your tech-alliance partners for a joint offering that both/either of you can craft & deliver.

Comments always crucial!

..stay tuned for Pillar #6 coming up soon!

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