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Brave New Patriots: Emergency Workers

US Army Ranger Love and Admiration

US Army Ranger lore is full of heroes scaling cliffs and defeating enemies on the battlefield. With COVID-19 front lines drawn right here in the heartland, a whole new batch of heroes has emerged to conquer the invading virus and keep our nation safe in the process. They’re our nieces & uncles & next-door neighbors, and we love and admire them all.

During 50 recent combat-veteran interviews for my upcoming book Leading Rangers, each hero expressed a homespun version of gratitude for the new sisterhood and brotherhood fighting the enemy on our home turf. God bless everyone who suits up every day to heal, respond, collect, deliver, cook, grow, check out, protect, and provide essential tasks we can’t exist without. That’s the consolidated sentiment from Ranger-tabbed warriors who’ve worn the uniform, and who are heaping mad respect to those in our communities sacrificing daily for the good of the nation. Our latest warriors don their own uniforms and render their own special qualifications. Like the heroes of 911 and D-Day, they run straight towards the danger instead of away from it.

My brother drives into NYC every day to keep morale high for his security workers who have already lost a dozen guards to the virus. I have two nieces – one on the west coast and one in the east on the front lines nursing along with hundreds of other selfless healthcare professionals. Jessica tests patients at a brand-new San Diego facility she helped set up, and Talia is on a COVID-19 unit in a Philly area hospital, Crozer Keystone. She, her best friend Camila, and one of the Nurse Practitioners Kathy all caught the virus last month and were quarantined. A month later, Talia and Camila are recovered & cleared (not without lingering side effects) and already back to work healing patients again. Sadly, their kind Nurse Practitioner Kathy was lost to the virus.

It’s a real-life battlefield, and we love you for fighting to protect us. And thanks to the employers who are doing the right thing, providing lunches, free parking, and whatever else they can think of. Every little bit helps. It’s taking an army of dedicated workers to beat this thing once and for all, and from one appreciative corner of the military, the US Army Rangers salute you!

Look out for my upcoming book

Leading Rangers: Battlefield to the Boardroom

due out on July 4th from Dudley Court Press

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